Application Infrastrucure Devices

We Manufacture Touch Screen and Embedded Computing Solutions

Embedded Computers

Industrial Grade Small Form Factor Computers with VESA Mounting Capabilities

Create and utilize a hardware configuration designed with today's most advanced embedded software functionality. Utilize Ultra-Fast SSD Drives and industrial standards to form reliable solutions for a wide range of industry applications. Your custom software becomes powerful as the operating system and hardware is all designed to ensure perfect operation.

Take your application beyond standard PC utilization! Dynamix Embedded products have Industrial-Grade components giving you the hardware you need to operate with high-performance in Mobile, Industrial, and other specialized markets. You now have in need of a small footprint, robust, platform for your App. Dedicated Hardware, Dedicated Software will deliver a massively improved user experience.

Touch-Screen Monitors

High Resolution Touch Screen Monitors provides a control surface for various applications.
Supported via USB inWindows/Osx/Linux/Embedded/DOS...

Over 10 years ago we introduced “Dynamix Touchscreens” to the market. We predate Apple in introducing touchscreens which now dominate the market and interfaces of today. Even today developers encounter limitations when attempting to develop based upon proprietary hardware. We are proud to still offer solutions for developers as well as capabilities to link with industry partners to ensure goodness of fit for application development and user interface.

There are so many touch-based hardware solutions in the market it can be difficult to ensure High-Quality HD LCD Panels, and High-Quality Touch Surfaces. We have strategic partnerships with several manufacturers that all date back beyond 10 years and offer a suite of products to our clients as well.

Industry Application

Multi Sector Client Utility

Mobile Vehicles

The largest consumer market for touchscreens is “Mobile”. Marine, Land, and Air Applications have always benefited from custom hardware/software. It is amazing that even today with the huge touchscreen industry, software is largely implemented in a proprietary manner which leads to non scalable hardware solutions that are outdated as soon as they are produced.

We have many units still operating to this day in High-End Aircraft cabins, High-End Yachts and a large amount of hobbyist integrated into their dashboards. The controllers utilized have worked with every Operating System from Windows 3.1- Windows 10. They work with OSX and multiple distributions of Linux. Most importantly the work with Windows Embedded which currently pioneers multiple opportunities in Mobile Computing.

Control Operations

Before Crestron became an industry leader in the control market, Dynamix sold a multitude of solutions developed to interface with Control Systems. Many Rooms have complex commands run at the press of a finger. We still feel operation expands binary code *turning on/off. Ultimately Solutions need to be developed and conceived to provide the best user experience. Control all the way to the software level! Imagine a system turning on, logging in, and starting a program. And system reporting on errors directly to technical staff capable of resolving solutions.


Dynamix Embedded includes industrial components to provide spectacular performance range within extreme temperature environments. That means better performance than off the shelf solutions. We utilize hardware with advanced Error Correcting Code, shock and vibration resistance. Devices also have dynamic capability to protect itself when abnormal power or irregular temperature occurs. Our embedded computers perform dramatically better than regular computer hardware which allows your company to perform better.


Our philosophy is being dynamic and constantly refreshing our services and products. We understand for technology to blossom within an organization, it has to be usable and utilized. Our offerings represent a company dedicated to providing quality and stability in a dynamic industry. We strive for the perfect match in thoroughly envisioned hardware, software and affordable high-end technology solutions.